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why do you write poetry?

some people listen to music
through their hearts,
a cascade of happiness,
and anger and sadness
all hitting the right notes.
it helps them feel,
it helps them see,
it helps them breathe.
but i don’t need a melody.

i hold my pen over my journal,
thinking of everything that haunts me
and everyone that has wronged me,
everything that troubles me
and everyone that has hurt me.
what results
is something short of a miracle –
something that reminds me that i have talent,
that i am not worthless,
that i am simply human,
and that with everything that brings me pain,
i can make something beautiful out of it.

i write poetry
because if i were to die soon,
i’d look back at
all the journeys of my life,
eloquently scribbled down in ink
and i’d be perfectly content
with the last period in the journal
of my heart wrenching stories
that has given me so much
to live for.

i write poetry
because it helps me feel,
it helps me see,
it helps me breathe.
i don’t need a melody.

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