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I wish that for just
one day we could all
shed out skins and be
nothing but spirits floating
about the earth,
skimming above the
ground in free flight.

And when we bumped into
one another, we would
become incapable of seeing
anything of them, but rather
could only acutely feel
their emotions,
exploring the tunnels
of their hearts, sifting
through memories
filed away into
long lost parts of themselves.

And no one knew
what we looked like,
or if one had dark skin
or dull eyes, or large
teeth and chapped hands,
bruised knees, because
their forms had
melted away, and all
we could see was them
in their purest,
most raw form.

And what if on that
day our hearts were
on display instead of
our faces, so that nobody
had to worry about whether
they were fat, or thin
or ugly, or pretty, and
that just like that
all of our physical
insecurities were
wiped away.

So that when the day
ended, and the magic
wore off, and we had
donned once more our
corporal bodies
we would already know
without looking that
they were beautiful.

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