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One Dark Name (KKK)

Ink staining the night stand
Blood poured out across the land
The clock stops and time shatters
Things disappear, nothing matters

Cross stitch and blanket stitch
One across to weave and switch
Tatters and tears lacing a body
Dark skin beauty thought of shoddy

White cloth to cover for murder
Fires bright and stake high, ye burners
Black substance sticking and caking
Feather and bone and pain evil slaking

Screams echoing, tear tracks shining
For burning flesh pain and pining
Hidden off ‘neath the sheets
Black hearts continue to beat

Gliding off into the night
Leaving fire burning bright
High class slayer gone home
Hatred and fear and evil sown

Justice was brought, but memories stay
Pains and screams hurt still today
A dark name recorded in American history
Not to be forgotten for those that lived in misery

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