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Tin Can Telephone

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Did you know I noticed when you stopped hearing?
I didn't know what to do.
I wanted my mother.
So I fashioned a phone out of cans and string
And gave you one side,
Taking the other for myself.
I said all the things I'd been trying to for so long,
That you stopped hearing.
But I got no answer.
I checked the line and found no break in the line.
I checked both cans to determine there was no technological flaw.
So I spoke louder.
I shouted because I needed you to hear me but there was no response.
You gave me nothing.
You gave me nothing when I gave you my words and that makeshift phone and my hope.
Now that very nothing is all I have,
Because I know that the problem wasn't the phone
Or my voice
But you.
You stopped talking to me and starting talking near me.
You stopped listening to me and started talking over me.
All you do is talk talk talk,
But I'm cutting the line now.
I'm cutting the line because I don't need more words in this lake you'd dammed within me.
I'm cutting the line because all I am to you is a brick wall to bounce hollow phrases off of.
I'm cutting the line because all that gets through anymore is worth as much as static to me.
I know just what to do now.
I wanted my mother,
But my mother didn't want me.
So I'm cutting the line.

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Tarrator said...
Mar. 28, 2014 at 5:52 pm
This is heartbreaking and powerful. I love how you used the tin can telephone as the metaphor - it seems to represent a childlike innocence that makes this almost haunting. This seems magazine-ready if you ask me.
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