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What makes us Human

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What makes a person human?
Is it our opposable thumbs?
Giant brain?
Recognition of our own inevitable demise?
Belief that there might be something bigger, greater, more powerful than ourselves?
What if it’s something that we can't put our thumb on.
It might be impossible to trap it in a box then torture for any remaining answers.
Our only remaining option may be to simply reflect on our own human experience.
What made us feel alive?
What made us feel human?
Look back at all your memories.
The bad.
The good.
The bittersweet.
Think long and hard about who you would be if those events hadn't happened.
Would you have made the decisions that you have?
Accomplished or failed at the same things?
Would you be the same person that you are now?
The same human?
Is that what makes you human?
Or is it just a collection of random neurons firing in your brain,
making sense of time, space, and your reality moving past you.
There are too many options.
Too many questions.
We get answers that we aren't prepared for but lack for some that we are prepared for.
We end up being more confused then we were at the beginning.
we keep living,
we keep making memories
we keep asking.
What makes a person human?

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