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Now they Know

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Worn plaid
Faded jeans
A dirty couch with a sagging center
Cracked windows
Bottles void of their contents
A door slightly off its hinges
Haunted eyes
Stained yellow wallpaper that is clinging onto its last memory
of a family

The family
They used to be happy

Meat loaf
Green grass
A glow from the just right amount of sun
A boy being swept up

Time passed
Time changed the family
Time broke them

The dad lost his job and fell in love with whiskey
The mom began seeing the neighbor
The son sought out the dealer behind the gym

As they spiraled into a void
They separated
Gained momentum
Family dinners missed
No more swings
No more sun
Forgotten family

The son began to hate
His mom
His dad
Felt himself slipping away

Discarded syringes
An empty bottle
Missing pills
A mutilated family
A missing son
but that wasn't new
He hadn't been there for a while now
Just now they knew it

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