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Drunken Love Confessions

the thing is that boys don’t love girls like me
they love pretty girls with long hair that fell down
to their knees with big eyes that showed innocence;
with bodies so small that you could see their bones

and all i wanted him to say i love you after i told him
but when he did he was probably drunk of his mind
they say that ‘a drunk man speaks a sober mans truth’
but how could he mean i love you when
he could love any other girl in this room

all i wanted to do was to hug him so tight that
i could put all my love into him so that he could
love me back with my love, if that even makes since

but for some reason
it always felt like there was an ocean between us,
that if i touched him, there would be a wave that
would wash me off back to shore

i just want him to love me
how hard is it? to love someone
like me.

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