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What Comes With War

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The red flag flies
As the trumpet sounds-
As the drums beat,
Announcing the arrival of the men-
The common men-
Millions of men
Dressed in blue and brown
Carrying guns upon guns,
Weapons of destruction
Hungering for revenge-
The sweet taste of order and justice-
Haunted by evil, these men are-
Sudden pain.
Hollering and shouting-
Screams and cries-
The endless pain-
Stabbing and ripping away
At the men, the dying, dwindling numbers of men
Praying for mercy, for solitude-
Wanting to be back home with their wives and children,
Praying to God-
The God in storybooks-
The one who may or may not exist-
He doesn’t exist,
Not in this world,
This world of hate and rage,
Of the blood flooding the ground
The blinding, blinding red
Endless red-
Endless blood-
Have mercy on these souls-
Oh, when will it end!?
Rising out of the red-
A flag-
Raised high above-
Waving a beautiful sign of surrender-
Of peace,
No victors-
Just losers,
All having lost-
But even still,
Ecstasy fills within-
Within now only thousands of men-
Men watching as lighted halos fill the air-
Feathers falling off like tears,
Falling of the wings-
The wings of angels-
The angels that mourn over lost souls-
The souls that will be forgotten in all but loved ones and history books;
No amount of gratitude will ever fill the void,
Will never repay
The horrifying nightmare
That these men have suffered-
Will suffer…
Will forever suffer.

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