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Home Sweet Home

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In this city,
We're all stuck.
Walking too and fro,
Weaving lines around people, for fear we might tough them
Stepping over spit and grime.
My smile has turned into a grimace.
My wave is now a clenched fist.

It wasn't long ago that I was home.

I still hear the sounds of the ocean,
Pummeling the rocky shores with it's fists.
The gulls screaming in protest.
While the rocks crash together,
In their familiar way.

I remember the daily bonfires.
Built from drift wood and seaweed.
I can hear their voices singing along,
And the taste of beer still sits in my mouth-
Along with the sense of belonging I felt there.

In the city,
All I feel is dread.
There is no ocean,
No forest.
No late night Sonic Youth sing-a longs.
No waking up to smoke filled clothes.
I am only anger
And sit in sweet agony.

I just keep thinking... it wasn't long ago that I was home.

I feel the sun hitting my face,
The grass swishing across my skin,
A dancer across a stage.
My legs still burning from the walk,
And my lungs breathing fresh, clean air.

I remember the feel of the water.
Slipping around me,
It's turquoise folds holding tight.
The salt caught in my hair,
The seaweed wrapped around my toes.

And finally I remember the nights...
The ones we spent jumping off the wharf.
I was always too chicken to go in.
The ones we spent off-roading while half out of our minds.
I had those bruises for weeks.
The night we drove one-twenty down the airport runway.
Who would've thought we'd never get caught.
The nights we partied with hippies and our parents
I'm still singing Jumping Jack Flash in my head.
The night we sat in the playground, clenching hands together,
Screaming about out platonic love.
And the nights I just laid down in the dewy grass,
Watched the stars
And realized that no matter what,
I'll always BE home.

It isn't long now that I'll go home.

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