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One who posses so little
Would never imagine a life with so much
Yet the ones with so much
Would never a imagine a life with so little

The bone starved homeless ravishes the little which he is given
And in that moment
He is dependent upon that one ration
A life on a thin thread
As he thinks to himself that at this moment and time in this second
The rush of the minuscule alleviation of hunger
The minute of swallowing is the clinging on to life

Water accounts for more than 50% our body
There are children whose blood that flows through their veins
Whose veins and blood work against them
With no other choice but to drink from the filthiest of water
Water full of parasites and diseases taken in voluntarily
Their heart beat functioning on the basis of disease ridden fluid

The streets are “public”
So, it does not matter if one barbarizes it with pollutants
The journey of a candy wrapper
Continues through the sewers; into the Ocean
And in that Ocean a candy wrapper is responsible for the choking of Ocean critters
A one to many times unconsciously harmless incident can turn someone into an unconscious murderer

“The repetition of these constant anecdotes are always said in different ways.
It could be statistical analysis.
A fact no less.
Morals which go in one ear and out the other.
After all, it is not important
It does not affect anyone.” Says the Over lookers

I see the overlooked...

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