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The only thing that calms me down
small, delicate
water droplets

I wear my favorite boots
dark brown leather ones,
that my mom bought me,
she always knows what i love.

The pitter patter of the rain,
as it falls from the cloudy sky
and the sound it makes
when you splash into a puddle

Wearing a heavy raincoat
or your favorite knitted sweater
perhaps a scarf,
to keep you warm

Most people bring a big umbrella,
to cover their heads from the water,
but i prefer to stand in the rain
and swirl around like a little girl.
Rain just makes me that happy

As the rain trickles onto your skin
you can’t help but smile
for rain is just a wonderful creation
although it is just made of water

When you’re in the car,
and see the raindrops stick
behind the glass window,
you can’t help but,
feel a sense of composure

You begin to see how fast,
each raindrop falls to the bottom.
They all wish they could race with each other,
And maybe they can run faster than me
Watching the raindrops fall on your head
and then into your hands
You walk through your driveway
and reach through the front door

You rather be outside in the rain
than stay isolated at home

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