A Tale to Tell

I’ll tell you a tale of long ago
When times weren’t tough
And the sky was bold.

A girl with a hidden face
Frolicked in the woods.
She then saw a hideous monster
And still as stone, she stood.

“Child, what are you doing here all alone?”
It asked.
“Come, I’ll take you places you’d surely
Love to go.”

This girl didn’t trust this beast.
It was sending cryptic messages, at least.
But oh well, she decided.
Life is fun if you take its surprises.

The girl and the beast.
The beast and the girl.
Away they went, where nobody will know
“This girl’s dumb as a brick”, the beast thought.

And surely it was sadly right.
As the beats got away with the immoral thing it did.
As the girl fought, screaming in fright.

And oh, the way she screamed.
Nobody heard.
Hero or savoir; nobody came.
Then suddenly silence.
Silence penetrated the air.

It was a heavy silence.
Silence that soon brought despair.
Times became tough.
The sky wasn’t bold.

Society became awfully quiet,
Which was sadly known.

This was a tale meant to be told.
Please pass it on.
Make the story never be forgotten,
The story about the girl with the hidden face.

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