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The Frozen Tree

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Once there was a tree
Hidden beneath the blanket
So white and cold outside
You’d never fathom the fire inside

People went straight by
“what is there in a dead tree”they said ignoring
The brances straight and tangled
The reality which has been beaten and strangle

But the tree stood tall and proud
Unaware of the life he has inside
All he knew was the sharp chilly winds
Making him more stiff but fragile still

The day came when a boy passed by
His brown eyes fixed on the tree
Saw something which was not dead
A little bird peeking from a hole in the trunk

You would confuse it for snow
If you don’t see enough,
As dead the tree was
It still has life in it

The boy loved the bird
The boy loved the tree
So long ignored by the world
Finally the tree’s heart was free

The fire liberated from the heart
Hidden and frozen for years,
Years so long and painful

Of solitude and the freezing world

Fire which nurtures the tree
Gave it life Gave it green
The winter was finally gone
And spring on the door

The Tree felt what it feels
When flowers bloom in a sunny spring
When birds happily sing
And when people actually cared
But he figured out the pattern of his life
And knew he still has many winters left

But there is not a winter
Which can’t pass
When you have love by your side
To keep your heart warm

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