Behind Closed Doors

January 13, 2014
What's behind?.
I'm too afraid to find out.
It's better to leave it hidden; forgotten
But curiosity gets the better of me
Take a step, no take it back
Can't do it, can't go farther
What if opening the door brings something hideous out?
Something too ugly to control
No! I'll take the risk.
I'm missing something, but not sure what it is.
It might be behind the closed door.
First step.
Sweat runs down my face.
Second step.
Shiver runs down my spine.
Third step. Two more to go.
Hands shaking.
Fifth step. What am I doing?
I'm out of my mind.
Hand reaches out to hold the doorknob.
Turn, turn. Open
Holding my breath, I close my eyes and hope for the best.
I look inside and ... what?
Couldn't believe my eyes.
Hope. That's what I was scared of?
I let out the imprisoned breath.
Hope was what my soul was yearning for.
And who knows?
Maybe you can find what you're missing, too.
Just don't be afraid to open closed doors.

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