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The Place That Speaks

I'm standing in this place again
But now the scene speaks to no end
The shadows sneak up and whisper,
“Sweetheart, you wish they were here.”
So I flee from those dark, silhouetted memories
and I try to block out all the stories
And now the corner stares and says,
“You really do miss them.”
I try to smile with some others
But the game pieces bore me to tears
They tell me time and time again,
“It was so much more fun with them.”
Trying not to shed a tear, I run
to the place my last goodbye had been
I begin to feel some closure
So as I sit, I feel a little better
Although the memories are pain
I'll make it out somehow, some way
My mind goes back one more time
to those who used to make me smile
Finally, the empty blue chair across from me speaks
“But you'll miss him the most; he was a darling indeed.”

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