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The Coming Storm

want to start in the middle of an adventure
teaching someone how to dance in the rain
want flames entangled with my veins
even if they leave burn marks on my bones
even if it makes every inhale a battle
want a love that turns me inside out
someone I feel even when the twisting
avenues of my nerves are numb
a pulse I can capture in a trail
down my arched spine
when we part it will not be goodbye
we will only be driftwood
letting the ocean guide us to a new land
want lightning begging
to slide between our lips
to let the sound of thunder
etch itself onto our skin
leaving me to decide if you
make me feel like stardust
or a wickeder part of the night
want us to argue with our fate
until we destroy any predestined plans
want you unrehearsed
but not hollow
calling my name like it is the coming

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