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Time and Rhyme

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through the miles through the years, all the smiles and all the tears, you and me we're sticking tight, side by side we'll win this fight. people may wonder, they may stare, but you and i, we don't care because i have you and you have me; last i checked that's all we need. with you i'll jump cause in you i trust. this weary life is such a bust but you my love, you my life, make it all feel alright. so don't you worry, don't you cry, our time will come by and by. one day we'll shine, one day we'll awe and those who doubted will see their flaw. the future is ours to have to hold and believe me boy we will be bold. we'll we'll seize the day and live in light, just hang in steady and hold on tight. the truest lovers face the biggest tests, we gotta prove that we're the best. but don't you know, we really are, we've stayed together near and far. trials we've passed, our love it lasts. we're making it through, defying our pasts. our horizon is wide, the sky is tall, with you i'll plunge, take the fall; because you are my everything in who i believe, blindly i love, i'l never leave. there may be miles between us now, but the day is coming we'll take our vows. forever is ours to make our own, a whole lot of miles wont make me groan. i know i have you and you know you have me, and together us two, that makes 'we'. the power in 'we' is bigger than 'me', it's taller than i more vast than the sky. all this is is a matter of time, a matter of patience, a matter of rhyme.

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