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Dragons, Come Back

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When I was little,

I used to dream about dragons.
They would soar through the sky, with me
On their backs,
Taking me wherever
I would like to go.

They were as real as my dog and
As real as the tooth fairy, who always gave me a two dollar bill.

But gone are the days of the kings and the queens,
So gone are the days of the dragons.

Now, I dream of typical teenage things.
Struggling each day to fit in,
And dragons won’t help me do that.
Now, my head is filled with mystery
Of religion and race
Equality and peace,
There’s no room for those fantasy things.

But I miss those dear dragons
Who soared through the sky,
With me on their backs.
I want them to come back
and take me to see volcanoes and rainforests
and oceans and cities
and all the other things I am locked away from.
I want them to take me to see
A place where there is peace,
A place that is fair.
I want to see a green place,
With vibrant flowers and a night sky filled
With vivid stars.
I want to see the constellations
That paint my future,
Because without them, I am blind.

So come back,
My dear dragons,
And show me these things.

My dear dragons, come back.

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