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Her logical Way

It’s a form of self-punishment, really.
The way she always walks in the cold;
The way she sleeps without the heater;
The way she keeps herself isolated.
But it also serves as rewarding to her in her future.
She builds up a high tolerance from all her time in the cold air;
She can always pay her bills when she doesn’t use the heater;
And last, but not least, the way she isolated herself from the kids around her kept her safe,
For when they were out partying and inducing self-harm upon themselves,
While they were dancing vulgarly and not giving a care to the world,
She was studying for class.
While she never seemed interested in normal things,
She had her priorities set straight.
She never had any friends in school,
But she didn’t need them.
To this day, she still lives by the morals she made,
And to this very day, she lives her life that way.
She is smart, and successful;
With cold, hard walls;
She carries the weight of her scarred childhood;
Like an old chain and ball.
But if you see her on the street,
She’d fool you quite well,
Because, in fact, it was people like today’s society,
That helped her cast her spell.
Her way of life is a form of self-punishment,
But it’s also quite rewarding.
For while she lives with high built walls,
In her cold home,
She knows what’s right and what’s wrong,
And that’s all she needs to know.

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ChristinaFD said...
Jun. 11, 2014 at 8:55 am
This is my favorite so far! There is really something special about this poem. Keep writing!
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