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This isn't about my boyfriend.

I see you as a person now,
Granted, a wonderful one,
Very much worth knowing,
But human all the same.
I know when to leave you
The hell
And when to just nod my head
And agree
Because nothing,
I say will make the least bit of difference,
At all.
You know how to make me smile
How to fix my hair
And how to read my mind.
And you annoy me
Because you're selfish sometimes.

But I know who you are now
And I know who I am
When I'm with you.
And most importantly,
I know you love me
As much as I love you.

It is so strange to remember.
Back then,
I'd have given anything
To be with you,
For you to take notice
Of me.
You were a god
With wavy blond hair
And a gleaming smile.
I was a shadow.

Then something changed.
One day,
Without planning it,
I started to talk.
To you.
I was nervous at first,
I didn't stop.
I laughed
I smiled.
I slowly,
Very slowly,
Learned the right things to say.

I was not perfect.
The shadow could not be eradicated
In one day.
In hindsight,
I may have taken you
By surprise,
So you ignored
The shadow bits.
You smiled back.
And I sat with you at lunch.

My memory fades out after that.
I only know:
We ended up together.

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