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The Unwanted Gift

I was given it as a gift
from my dear mother,
who I didn’t want to bother,
with such thoughts of “I don’t want it”

So how could I have declined?
I took the present hopefully,
I thought I could use spectacularly
Sadly, all that I have derived from it was hostility

I have seen many others just like this,
and those seemed to last longer too.
They were brighter, more colorful, but I had to settle for the blue.

This gift needs more warnings.
A label of “Be careful! Sharp around the edges!” would do.

My friend complained about the quality of it,
but I just don’t think he was operating it correctly.

The price is too high, and the rewards not beneficial.
I’m falling deeper into debt by the minute.

There’s too many, quantity over quality.
Surely the over abundance of these things will be harmful for the future

Although, this gift has some interesting aspects as well.
At times, it made me smile and laugh.
And that was enough to make this unwanted gift worth keeping.

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