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Show Me How

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I don’t know what I’m feeling.
I think everyone else does, but they won’t tell me, and that makes me angry.
Something in your eyes tells me that I won’t know for myself until I look deeper,
But sometimes that makes me want to dig them out.
Maybe I would find the answer behind those teasing silver curtains,
The meaning of life, or at least the meaning of this strange sensation.
Could this be love, what I feel for you? Is that what you tried to say?
I hear you telling your brother you love him, and him telling you the same,
But I have yet to discover what you both mean by that.
Everyone says that love is very strong
And something kept me from hurting you
So it could have been love.
It’s still a mystery to me, how it could be that powerful.
What exactly is it?
Is it like hunger, a constant emptiness we strive to fill?
Is it like hate, a burning rush of feeling?
Or is it just being able to laugh together when the world is crumbling around us?
I want to know it for myself…
But no one will show me how.
All I know is that I’m standing on the edge of something vast.
I feel like I’m slipping off a ledge and forgetting that there is ground right beneath me,
Or losing my balance and tumbling into another world,
Unable to stop myself, and knowing I can’t go back.
Then love must be a cliff!
So, teach me how to fall.

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