Passing Storm

November 19, 2013
My feet move methodically,
A loud slap against the pavement.
The voices roar around me,
But I can’t hear them.
I’m lost in my own thoughts,
a shadow in this light and happy atmosphere.
The dark thoughts settle in of self doubt and sadness;
I am lost.

I laugh with my friends.
Smile with my family.
I want for nothing.
So what is this feeling?

It darkens my soul
This feeling I cannot break
Causing murkiness within me
Unaffected by my surrounding delights.
Laughter upon my ears stirs happiness
but that too is clouded by the sadness that lingers.

Slowly though my head clears
I cannot see the change, but I can feel it.
It starts slowly, deep in me.
My opinions are changing!
I feel His presence here, working within me.
Somehow, morality pulses within me
“Be calm Daughter,”
He whispers through the breeze,
“One day the storm will cease.”

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