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I once had a life that you stole
You sucked the light right out of my soul
And crushed my heart to an empty hole
Now I’m left with a rusted body
Stuck in the bitter cold

You’re the criminal living inside me
Spreading your filth
But I will walk on broken glass
Wounded and Fearless

I’ve figured you out this time
And this time the ball is in my court
So throw your sticks and stones
But this heart of mine will carry on

I’m the raging hot flame
And you’re the ashes soon to be
So go on and try to rip me apart
Because I’ve got nothing to loose

So put your weapons down
Because your tricks have turned old
I see you from above
Crushing down to the ground

Now I’m the champion
And I have a thicker skin
I’m more powerful than I have ever been

Now I have shining armour
That’s made of steel
And you can never break me again

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