Unicorns and Rainbows

November 14, 2013
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Coat of moonshine,
mane of quicksilver –
it is you I dream about
in those restless summer nights
when there is no one to share my bed
and all the windows in the world
can’t catch enough breezes
to keep my sweat from sticking.

I think of you,
and you are silk,

falling from the rain-wet sky,
and you are silk,

running through the tall-dark trees,
and you are silk –

rivers of white silk,
pooling on the blue tile floor,

as the cloth runs through my hands,

and it keeps falling-and-falling.

I’m left with an image of early morning:
undisturbed rainbows
caught-trapped in morning dew
clinging to spider webs;
hooves flicking over grass at gallop;
sun glints-glints-glints off pearly horn.

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