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Love's Roots

A flower blossomed in the night
But its roots could not grow in time
By morning the petals disappeared
And by noon no one knew it was ever there
It's the way it was when I prayed that night
My soul rejoiced with the Light
But then my heart was jaded
by obsessions that could not be faded
Then another night would shine
And the flower in me would think I'm fine
But another idol entailed with pain would come
and soon the beam of light would be gone
I denied these “loves” were idols
saying, “they're not made of stone”
But their cold hearts were
and I brought tears to the Father
Chasing after stars that were just flashlights,
they tried to lead me astray like a tangled kite
And now that my heart has finally turned to dust,
I pray that a new season will come
I refuse to be at the altar of another
I will not give way to obsessions any longer
Man is only man, incapable of perfect love
Lord, I will look upon perfection above
Savior, grant this flower roots
even though I don't deserve You
Let me grow and cherish
the only love that gives me Heaven

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