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Ocarina of Time

Once upon a time,
In the land of Hyrule,
There was a story
About a great duel.
The two main characters
Of the story I'll tell ya,
Are the brave young Link
And the great Princess Zelda.
The first great temple
Was in the Deku Tree.
Link defeated the boss,
And got the emerald of the Kokiri.
The second great temple
Was that of the Gorons.
Even though they eat rocks,
They are not morons.
Link defeated Dodongo
In the mountain canopy,
And not long after
Received the Goron's Ruby.
The third great temple
Was that of the Zoras.
The Zoras are
The great water exploras.
Link found out that
The temple was in Jabu-Jabu.
He went and got the sapphire.
The amount of bosses was two.
Zelda then gave Link
The Ocarina of Time,
And then he took it
To the Temple of Time.
Link got sent forward
Seven years,
When he could finally
Conquer everyone's fears.
He then went and found
The seven Sages.
Each of them different
Sizes, shapes and ages.
Link finally went to
The castle of Ganon,
Where he went through six rooms,
Got the key to Ganon's room and came in.
Ganon was defeated
Not once but twice,
He was then
Forced to suffice.
Zelda gave Link a choice:
Go or stay,
And he decided
To go back to his day.
And that is the story,
The base of this rhyme
Is the Legend of Zelda:
Ocarina of Time.

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