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The Hospital

Tortured screams pierce my ears.
The sounds echo through the hallways.
I lay in my bad trying to hold back the tears.
I was so close to finally being free,
All of the children in this place were almost free.
Why didn’t it work for us?
We all spent weeks, months, years conjuring up a plan to escape our pain.
Our bodies are slaves to the agonizing pain that tears us apart.
The doctors do nothing but fuel it.
They rip the last shred of hope for freedom out of us.
The screams I hear are not the children.
They don’t have control over themselves.
They’re numb.
It’s the pain controlling their mind.
The doctors run from room to room sedating everyone.
Eventually the screams die as the cold night goes on.
We will never taste the freedom we yearn for.

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