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Why We Failed At Love

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Here is why we failed at love;
I am insecure and your heart has never
been my home. Sometimes you backwash.
I am selfish. I have stretch marks. I am delicate.
Because you left secrets in the crook of my elbow
and I never found them. Because I could never
love myself as much as you did. Because
we are lonely. Because I am lonely. Because I hurt.
You are beautiful, but you have awkward
fingers and sometimes they would touch me
in awkward places. Because my lungs forgot
to take in oxygen whenever you were around.
Because you are a cliche and tried to write me a poem
and i hated it. I have nine scars on my left palm
and I hate them more than you hated the girl
who made fun of your eyebrows. You made fun
of my eyebrows once. Because my thighs touch
and I thought it would make you love me less.
Because I loved myself less. You were
a shooting star who couldn't be contained
inside my ribcage. You were a supernova,
waiting to explode. And then you exploded.
Because in seventh grade a boy told me
I would never be good enough. And because
I was never good enough.

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