Abstract Cheating Domination

October 18, 2013
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Since I exist in such an unfortunate environment,
The realism that betrayed me, they call it optimism,
This in turn becomes pessimism, but in truth it just reverts back to psychedelism.

"Aren't you good enough?" Why are you dodging the topic then?
Sarcasm and irony is not necessary for justice,
No matter how much you keep screaming I won't hear you.

I sound litigious, don't I? But you see,
The longer you call me a failure, the rustier that metaphor becomes
Are you not done immolating the "I" in "me"?

Having fallen deep asleep, I failed to notice the dagger that made a fool of me.
I strum a few notes on the guitar but somehow it just came to be unadulterated mockery.

That rigid, lonely, idjit girl always secluded in a dream is who?

Well, I guess the enigmas that surround me in this static environment is really stable
Wait, is it truly? Shouldn't it be dynamic?
No, no, no! Deception is synonymous to bullying-
Keep quite! Have your own medicine-
Quit making me scratch at the voices inside my head;
You see, if only it were up to me I'd wind up dead.

How come hatred always bets its cards on me?
They'd say they just stare, but I'm not an idiot who cannot differentiate a glare-
But am I truly?

"Aren't you good enough?" Why are you dodging the topic then?
Non-fiction is meant for the realists-
In this submissive society, did you not notice?

I see, I must've searched ceaselessly for the things I lost-
But you know even the stuff that were truly mine slipped through traitorous fingers-
Laughing and laughing, isn't that just what everyone does?

Tears have dried without hearing enough; revenge is but a fleeting reward-
Shouldn't you looking for me too?

The enigmas that surround me in this static environment are really stable,
Truly dynamic,
Deception that is synonymous to bullying-
Oh, let me have a taste of your medicine-
If I keep this up the final verdict might just be a bittersweet prerogative.

"You're more than good enough. Are you still in there? Did it really turn out innocuous?"

No need for cordiality,
You're unconscionable after all.
Shouldn't things stay the same,
If I do wake up feeling sane?

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TimexxFlies said...
Nov. 4, 2013 at 11:15 am
I just wanted to say that I have selected you for my WSS. :) You have a good talent, and you first mission is to write an article about a personal experience. I want it done by 11/15/13 <3
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