masonry, blood and God all over

October 17, 2013
i took summer evenings and flower stems
knitted it into a crown
placed it upon your head, nevermind the thorns
its how we love, with pricks on skin.

i want you to tear my skin apart, peel it off my bones
so that i don’t have to (it’s harm when i do it, love when you do it)
self pierce my ears, insert a canine into the lobe and clamp down
h a r d
my blood is my lipstick, which is the red stained imprints on
your skin.

below our feet were bricks
that accumulated over time, to hold us up in the sky
while i bleed over your thigh and cried my eyes
but we’re over that phase now; you live in my heart
pay no rent, live for free just
paint warrior stripes on your face, drag me into the wilderness
it’s a camping trip remember; call me a little girl scout of satan, who
drives in the pain.
Her God, Her Lucifer, he said.
Beware, Beware.

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