October 8, 2013
“Lonely” is so much more than just a word.
It’s a plague that I can’t shake.

I feel it every second of the day,
even before the morning when I wake.

You can’t relate to me
until you, too, are on the outside looking in.

Don’t you dare say you understand me;
you can’t say you know where I’ve been.

What reason have I given you to hate me?
Why must you taunt me so?

Everyone that I’ve called a “friend”
has turned out to be a foe.

If you don’t love me, then please!
At least just let me be!

I’m not under your rule,
I’m a human. Unique, different, and free.

I’ll free myself from you,
mark my words, I will.

I’ll find new friends, better friends,
friends who are friends for real.

I will not stay in your shadows.
You will not cut me down.

I’m leaving as soon as I can.
I’m getting out of this damned town.

So farewell to all of you.
Goodbye to each and every weed.

Just know that you didn’t choke out this seed.

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