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Sleepless Night

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How do you fight
the endless fights
how do you fight
the sleepless night

how do you hold to
what is real
all it does is make you

how do you
follow the light
when the shadows whisper
forbidden delight

how do you face the calm
when his voice is your favourite song
when the raging storm inside
threatens to collide

with reality
hidden insanity
fighting a curse
with rhyming verse

how do you face the simple
the everyday
when you are boiling
heart racing, heart in turmoil

how do you foil
your own damn mind
when its in attack mode
and you can't hide

how do you
befriend the dark
befriend the night
before it pulls you apart

paranoid and worried
terrified minds
how do you take the first step
say the first words

when you can't even close your eyes.
welcome the darkness
as it envelopes
and brings you under

how do you say goodbye
to the light
the safest sights
forget what happened tonight

how do you fight
the endless fight
how do you fight
the sleepless night

so painfully real
but frightfully surreal
echoing could be's and should be's
the endless fight, the sleepless night.

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