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Twas’ the night before Halloween, and all through the stores the isles were crowded with people in a tussle to grab last minute costumes
In quite a hustle.
The young and old would dress with glee
Hoping to receive some candy
Not caring if it was healthy
But loving the joy of scaring.
As I would wait for my next victim
People gathered around a coffin to see what could be found
One would open the coffin with care
And be shocked to find what was in there
I sit up carefully and slow
Blooding dripping down my face
And would give them a horrendous scare.
They would laugh after of course
Glad I wasn’t really dead
My plan was going well they thought it couldn’t be true
But they would be dead in seconds
I would have my food served and be happy
Their souls kept as my pets
I’d not feast on little children of course
My Morales are much higher than that
Many though would die tonight
Unsuspecting victims as I call them.
It was midnight and there had been a string of abductions near one area
The witnesses foretold of a girl coming out of a coffin near a cemetery
When the police when’t to check the coffin nothing was there but a note
that read
“Happy Halloween.”
And when the office reached to pick up the note a trap door opened in the bottom of the coffin revealing the victims all of them guys with a lipstick marks on the side of their neck but they were dead. Their blood gone from their body

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