Judge a Book

September 20, 2013
Ever since kindergarten I’ve been taught
That I really should not judge a book
By the clothes on it’s back
But why not? Why do publishers give books covers
If we are to smother their obvious meaning?
I suppose it’s because those kindergarten teachers never
Have read a book with a closeup of a beautiful girl (looking very sad)
On the front cover
And have never thought to look
At one with a girl in cowboy boots kissing a boy
in a cowboy hat.
Why do they give books covers if we must disregard them?
If we are not to judge a book based on it’s appearance
I am awfully perplexed, I’m afraid
As to why are they not all covered in brown paper
Like a third grade reading textbook?
I’ll tell you why: Whoever coined that phrase
(You know the one I’m speaking of)
Has not read a book covered with a picture of a girl
Riding a horse alone into the glowing morning sky or one with
A close- up of an animal’s face with gleaming eyes...
Ever since kindergarten I’ve been taught
Not to judge a book by it’s cover
But then what are covers for?

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