Falsettos or Stilettos

September 17, 2013
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should I hide behind
a detailed story
Full of falsettos
Or should I smile with tight lips

Pretend to enjoy their company
The enemy
Should I
Or should I walk the through the doors

Naked personality
Let them judge
Let them love
This creature I've become

Should I hide behind a makeup splattered face
covering the dark and tear ridden eyes
Walk in the shadows
Or the spotlight
Master of the night

Rule their world
Leave it enhanced
They never saw me coming
the never saw me dance

Spinning without a care
too fast to be scared
And when I fall
They pick me up

Invite me to sup
Tell all that makes me
This thing that breathes
And seethes

Become transparent
Not a mystery
To be unraveled
A story printed and
polished for all to see

Or should I stick to the darkness
Stay beneath the safety
And predictability
of My cloak of invisibility.

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