Thank You

September 23, 2013
Thank you for being so patient with me
Even though I lose my temper with you
Thank you for watching over me when I sleep
Even though I do not know it
Thank you for giving me the things I have
Even though I take them for granted
Thank you for not abandoning me
Even when I forget about you
Thank you for always remembering me
Even when I turn my back to you
Thank you for loving me unconditionally
Even though I know that my love isn’t enough for you
Thank you for testing me and preparing me for the future
Even though I grumble and constantly question you
Thank you for protecting me
Even though I claim to be independent
Thank you for being there when I am bitter
Even though I don’t acknowledge your presence
Thank you for carrying me when I am weary
Even though I say I can do it on my own
Thank you for saving me
Even though sometimes I forget the way you suffered
Thank you for forgiving me
Even though I have done things no man can forgive
Thank you for teaching me how to be like you
Even though I don’t try hard enough
Thank you for being strong for me
Even though I am weak
Thank you for helping me with all that I do
Even though I think I’ve done it all by myself
Thank you for listening to my prayers
Even though sometimes they are empty and regretful
Thank you for answering me
Even when I don’t hear you
Thank you for being my friend
Even though I don’t talk to you as much
Thank you for dying for us
Even though not everyone believes

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