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Perfect World

I have never
been the type

To believe in love
at first sight.

It always
seemed so fake.

Like a perfect world-
that we never could create.

But the moment that
I first saw you-
something changed.

My world suddenly
shifted out of place.

Your flawless walk,
Your gentle smile,

Your whole face glowed,
and we talked for awhile.

I wanted to embrace
the feeling-
but instead I ran away.

I wish that I could have
thought of the right words
to say.

I knew that I would
miss you later, but I could have never known how bad.

As I sit here writing this,
I am feeling very sad.

Everything about you
seems perfect in every way.

I will see you again-
I can't wait for the day.

We are two stars in
different galaxies.

How can we shine together,
if we are so far apart?

Every time I think of you,
I feel an aching in my heart.

The day will come where
we will be face to face.

We will laugh and smile,
as we wrap each other in warm embrace.

Until that day comes,
I promise to stay in touch.

When we meet again,
we'll make up for wasted time
that we regret very much.

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