Underwater Asylum

August 12, 2013
When I see a storm coming,
I seem to have trouble keeping my head above water.
Theres always a huge wave that crushes me dreams
And ruins my sea of opportunities.
I lie awake at night for hours,
dreaming this will end.
Soon, my arms and legs will fail me
And i will lose the strength to fight.
I start to sink.
Deeper and deeper.
The calm, cool water pulls me down,
Hugging me tightly,
As the air bubbles escape from my parted lips.
You`ll be fine.Keep going.
The voices tell me.
I open my eyes and it keeps getting darker.
Is this really going to be the end?
It doesn't have to be this way.
There has to be something better. Something more.
I start to slowly swim from the darkest pits,
Hold my breath.
And make my way back to shore.

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