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True Strength

The stars have decided,
The thunder has struck,
The wind has howled,
But I do not comply.

So reconsider, stars!
Strike again, thunder!
Howl once more wind!
But the real power lies with me.

You have no influence, stars!
You have no might, thunder!
Your resistance is futile, wind!
For the true strength is mine.

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Opinionsaremyweapons said...
Aug. 3 at 7:57 pm:
I like the way you write, truly. However, your ethical and philosophical approach to your poetry is slightly frustrating after a few poems.
AsadWriter replied...
Aug. 3 at 9:20 pm :
Hi, thanks for your comment! Can you please elaborate? Obviously I am looking to improve currently since I just started recently so insight is very useful.
Opinionsaremyweapons replied...
yesterday at 8:35 pm :
You're very welcome! :) I know how rare recieving constructive criticism can be, so I try to give decent advice.  Well, you see, the reader's interpretation of your work is a lot like the saying, "The customer is always right". In this scenario, the reader is always right. However, instead of allowing the reader to form their own interpretation and meaning from your work, you go into an indepth rant about what it means to you. It's understandable, considering poetry ... (more »)
AsadWriter replied...
today at 1:23 am :
Thanks! That was extremely, extremely useful advice!
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