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The Human Soul On Fire

The proverbial flame that sustains the gains of life
The sparking fury surly exclaimed to be purely our utmost passions
The effective incentive to our instinctive to prosper, attain and sustain till we can no more
For it is and overall the strongest weapon of them all
The fire that engulfs the human soul

In explanations, dedications make it swell
When you yell “I will!” “I can!” and “Now!”, the blaze billows
With images in mind's eye to soar forever more and gain all the galore, the blaze billows
Perceiving through squint or wide eye, when you spy the world is infinite and definite in its limitless, the blaze billows
My future is pristine and crystalline like an aquamarine coastline, the blaze billows
I will not decline to align the future roads in codes that spell Great and Best, the blaze billows
Heck, I can even rule the world if I really try and defy gravity habitually if I know I am free to be
The blaze again billows

With all of this, the wave crescendos to the tempos of such hopes and positive notes
Nothing more captivating and enrapturing as when the sparks float and flutter into wildfire
When those phoenix flames flare
When and yet again said, that bewitching blaze billows

However, it is most sorrowful, when this purposeful fire has ceased to exist
Most sorrowful, if someone has succumb and clung to doubts
Or when clenched fist hang by quivering sides ready to abide to stillness
Or when there is no sense of willfulness
Or when the degrade of courage is encouraged by the tenure of failure
Or when someone is overcome and buried by hill upon hill of indecision and constant revision to the point where no progress is made
Or when this fire's shade of sunset has set to gleams of dull gray beams sourced from broken aspirations
Or the expiration of this fire's spirit and glow and you hear it forgo its turn from orange flicking fingers to tendrils of wisp

This fire can not live eating and feeding alone from the kindling of anything fragmented or be supplemented simply with dwindling daydreams
This fire can not live breathing empty air in follow of hollow promises

Let me heed with burning breaths this flare creates the pulse that controls the life of dedications
Let me heed with burning breaths this flare has adherence to mind and movement and its death will lead to your entombment
Let me heed with burning breaths the advice that the soul must feed from it
And with this heeding, I am pleading never dismiss it; the fire, the flare, the flame
And let me claim once again, that the greatest weapon on Earth, is the human soul on fire

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