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Return To Sender

I'm writing a letter to you, so how should the words go?
Please understand, no to offhand
Listen I, no to demanding
I need to be a little bit reprimanding, how can I gain your understanding?
I........apologize, I'm.....sorry:

I'm sorry that your intelligence didn't get the attention of my comprehension and I deluded you to conclude you were foolish
I'm sorry I never communicate every intimate piece of me, and that I stay secluded and undisclosed and overlaid in mystery
I'm sorry that I never exemplified and defined what it is to have a spine and underlined you need to be dauntless with boldness
I'm sorry I never work with effort and exert my grunts and elbow grease to wreath us both in success and I pitifully confess that I haven't grasped the concept that you earn your keep

I'm sorry I'm your painter that only designs and outlines with shades and coats of blue
I'm sorry I'm the architect that built your world with no doors or windows but jagged small holes
I'm sorry I'm your translator for body language that states that every human movement is a judgment to you
I'm sorry I'm the construction worker that sets out lines and lines of stop signs and traffic creating loads of distracting graphic on all your paved roads

I am so sorry that I gave you the presence of past memories to stalk you, instead of the present to coddle you
I am so sorry that I gave you the thickest shadows to cloak yourself and the blackest curtains to prevent your emergence into the vivid and the well lit
I am so sorry that I gave you a bountiful vocabulary engraved with the most pitiful and depraved of words to describe yourself
I am so sorry that I gave you, that look in your eyes

And I am so, so, sorry, that I am your lover and sometimes I can't even love you
Yes. I apologize.

Now, I fold the paper in three, black ink filled with my sincerity, envelope stamped dearly with an empty kiss
Writing the last words:
From: Myself
To: Myself

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SoImAWriterNow said...
Jul. 31, 2013 at 1:55 pm
Wow. I know the ending was meant to be surprising but it was so much more than that. It completely changes my look on the poem. Honestly, I'm shocked this doesn't have more attention or even been published yet
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