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Let Me Sleep

Centuries to seconds spare no twinings to mortal repose
Decades declination befall closed lids
Lightless ravens feather simple dreamings
A hinder to regretful graspings and fault-full slights of an impotent hand
Wielding that, that is graceless and plunging its metal tastings amongst fragmented onyx and frail hurtings
Inked scribings of leather holdings, coalescing, scripting, on an utopians page
A poets cursive scrolls
The mystic stones cracking hush
The caves smudged coals
The ash lickings of a bronze brush
Relapsing to the nocturnes aura a waning essence
The body gives, it wilts
While eventide lives, to the meadows of the black iris, with sweet prowess of an abounding moon
Then shatters at the snowing of a glass night, amiss the declination of a jaded minds light
…….. Sleep.

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