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The memory of you,
It’s playing on my mind,
I still can’t come to terms with,
Why you who had to die.
You abandoned me on this world,
With nowhere for me to hide,
Only memory and heartbreak,
Remembering the day you died.
I lied there on your floor,
Tears clinging to my skin,
I heard your mother say,
I guess she’ll never win,
I guess she’ll never be,
The little girl we wanted.
I took all of my strength and looked her in the eye,
Your daughter was a star,
The brightest in the sky.
I sit in my room,
Collecting all my thoughts,
I will need to find you,
Its my only job.
I wrap my fingers around metal so familiar,
And pour my memories of you into a cut so deep,
Only you could fill it.
I meet you in the light of day,
And you wrap your arms around me,
“I knew you’d find me here.”
And I knew you’d never leave me.

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