No control

July 25, 2013
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What has happened?
My mind keeps telling me not- to stop but my body does it any how.
I lean in and feel your soft lips on mine, and my arms wrap around your waist- but I didn't want to.
My hands pick up the paint brush and my minds says "paint the city" but I paint your face.
I don't want to say the words that mean I'm in for the long run; I just want to be friends.
"I-I think I love you" I say the words anyway wanting to stop myself but knowing my heart won't let me.
"I love you too," you whisper into my ear as soft as the wind on this summer night. I stood there with my eyes closed, holding your soft fragile frame not wanting to let you go.
I heave a sigh and let my feelings overtake me, it's much easier to let them run wild than to bottle them inside. I pull you closer to me hoping our bodies will merge and we will become one.
I look down into your big brown eyes and lean in for one more kiss...

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