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Blow It Down

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Where I live
The house of the sins
Which cannot be washed away
Even if the holy water rained

So I prayed to the god
For a demon which could destroy
And knock my sinful house
Out of its way

The sky roared in all its might
Arrival of a god sent demon in disguise
People left their houses in fright
I smiled cause god finally heard my cries

My father is a mean old mister
My mother is six feets under
She lived in peril and died in anguish
And his only love is his bottle

Those blood soaked wall
Which tell my story
They just stood still
In all my misery
The demon finally washed it down
And then they came crumbling down

The windows and doors which just stayed closed
And echoed my mother piercing calls
The demon blew them shattered
Worthless pieces left of them all

Every sinful brick of this house
Heard every fight and heartbreaking cries
And played them like a record player
darkening all those tormented nights
they lay there on the ground now
disintegrated from the demons blow

I saw my father lying on the ground
Passed out with bottle in one hand
I saw his face one last time
And vindictively turned around

I hid from the demon
And moved out of its way
I took my sweet revenge
And let him take the devil away

The winds have stopped the crying
Now there's only silence of the dead
My heart so light its flying
One day I’ll have to meet the devil in hell

But right now I’m in sunshine
Watching the ashes of our sins
Getting blown away

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