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Ode To K-pop (Not really an ode though)

K-pop is the muse and fuse to the firecracker explosions of emotions setting every thought in motion
It's so amazing how it's grazing my ear in rhythmic wave making my eyes glaze
Changing my “Ahhhs!” to “Oppa's!” and “I love you's” without delays to “Saranghaes”
24/7 from one to eleven I'm fan girlin and crazily hoppin because I'm always k-popin'
It muddles all my sense and hence when they say the world is infinite, I say heck yeah, when Sunggyu is singin it
Or when science explains that it all began with the Big Bang and I sang grinning, well my obsession and beginning is with the winning U-Kiss
This, K-pop, is the Best Absolute Perfect and I percept it's as rich without glitch as a Five Treasure Island stretching from Europe to Thailand and wreaking havoc like a Be2st at 2am
I am willing to state your words are un-understood but the beat is so good and I can receive your feelings giving heart throbbing wheelings through those silky vocal chords and hoards of synchronized moves
I was a K-pop “Warrior” in “One Shot” it drives me insane and untamed as a “Naega Wolf Awoooo!” So I'm always asked “Why so serious?” about K-pop
And I say, why not? Because really it's so “Fantastic Baby” and maybe credibly and happily one of the best addictions without contradictions there is.
Korean Pop much better than American pop and what not has a permanent spot in my heart and the inner cochlea of my ear and this giant sphere called my head. And I think, hmmmmmm............
That's enough said.

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