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Welcome Back

Welcome back to the hell
that once held you down
Welcome back
to the harsh reality called life
Shake my world up
and bring me down again
I never meant to leave
without you
Kept you in my mind
for someone to talk to
The promises I made before I left
Look at paradise
Lost for a candlelight
Where were you?
To light the path
of an unsettled world
I’ve been falling for too long
But now I miss where I belong
I’m losing what I don’t deserve
Realitie's needle in my vein
Infecting everything I stood for
The womb was hell,
but now I can’t walk
Rebirthed into a world of lies
I remember who I used to be
What others saw of me
Feeding their addiction
What they beg of me
for what sanities left of me
Can’t stay
somewhere I can’t belong
Cross the ocean in my mind
To carry an old comfort with me

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