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Drift Away

I close my eyes and drift away
I see what’s not supposed to come
IN the refuge I built to escape
No one sees what I’m trying to escape from
My world is built off every lie I’m guaranteed
I’m still controlled by what used to be?
Need to search deeper than just skin and bones
Controlled by fear of what lies behind my eyes
Flooded with the feeling of emptiness
Killed the suffering but only brought more
Erase this pain, erase this existence
Because right now…. This pain is too real
It was once an ache of the soul
But now it’s a wound of flesh
Even in my escape
My darkest fears still haunt me
Nowhere to hide because memories already caught up with me
I’m too broken to face this “life”
Wasted long ago.
It’s still a gem, there all around us!
No more doors left to open
Only faith can guide us
But where’s the candlelight?

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