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11:14 and i am not yet finished loving you This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

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if you were to take a scalpel and make a cut
from my throat to my navel
i think you would find a forest of flowers
that have made themselves a home
on my organs

my stomach is lined with daffodils
and my heart has a bouquet of daisies
right where the vena cava
is supposed to pump out blood

but i don't mind

maybe if you could
not leave this time,
then maybe i could get some sleep tonight
instead of wishing for your
warm fingertips
on my cold eyelids

i have so many words
dancing around on my tastebuds
you always knew just when to kiss me
so i could speak them

and even when you said
that i am not worth it
i still sucked water into my lungs
to keep your precious f***ing flowers
from dying
even though it meant
i would drown

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